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Drupal/CiviCRM Integration

Example Use Case

This example is a one event page which has tabs of many types of content and views attached which allows a anonymous user to view the info, see registered participants, register for the event via one webform which also automatically creates a contact, membership, active drupal user, and participant event registration to the event, logs in the user, and sets his user entered password via text field on the webform.

Using this method you can create easily customizable membership join, and event registration pages which leverage the full gauntlet of advanced Drupal 7 modules, and the easy of customizing the layout and style with css in the Drupal theme.

Easy JQuery Modificaiton of CiviCRM Forms

Have you ever wanted to modify a CiviCRM contribution or event registration page?  Taken a look at those Smarty templates?  Doesn't look pretty does it.

In the article I describe how to easily add JQuery/javascript to any form you want and modify the page.

First, and hardest of all, is create a basic CiviCRM extension.  There is a program that will generate a basic extension that integrates with CiviCRM but doesn't yet add functionality.

Simple Rule Example Using CiviCRM Entity

The new Drupal module CiviCRM Entity exposes 11 CiviCRM objects as Drupal Entities and provides rules support for these entities.  In this article I will demonstrate how to create a simple rule which creates a synced drupal user for the contact when the contact gets a membership.

This how-to assumes you have the Rules modules and the CiviCRM Entity module installed.

Create the rule: