CiviCRM Entity

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Module Maintainer and Lead DeveloperMy work included developing:

  • seamless integration of Drupal fields with CiviCRM entities for Drupal view pages, edit forms, and Views
  • Display Suite integration for CiviCRM entity properties including visibility, label visibility, custom field display formatters, and edit form customization.
  • Drupal view pages for the CiviCRM entities e.g civicrm-contact/2
  • Drupal based edit forms for all CiviCRM entities, e.g. civicrm-contact/2/edit
  • Delete CiviCRM entities from Drupal "Delete" tab, eg. civicrm-contact/2/delete
  • Drupal theme integration -- Standard entity templates per type
  • Permissioning for view/edit/delete rights to the Drupal based pages and forms
  • Entity type integration extendable, and configurable via hooks
  • All submodules including CiviCRM Entity Reference, CiviCRM Entity Price Set Field, CiviCRM Entity Profile, CiviCase Activity Reference Field, CiviCRM Entity Views Extras, CiviCRM Entity Search API
  • Rules and Conditions