Tin Can Learning Record Store

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A Drupal native Tin Can (xAPI) Learning Record Store(LRS)

Provides LRS functinality through integration with the Drupal Services module. Statements, States, Activities, Activity Profiles, Agents, Agent Profiles, are Drupal entity types.

Using Drupal as an LMS no longer requires connection to a 3rd party LRS.

Serious advantages such as Views for reporting, and Rules for instant actions triggered by user interaction statements. For example, creating Rules that trigger Course Pass, or generate certificate on Quiz success.

Works with the Tin Can API module ,which means Drupal content views, vimeo and youtube video interactions, Quiz module

Works with H5P either standalone, or integrated with the Quic Module

Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, Adobe Captivate content in Tin Can (xAPI) format. (Both Flash and HTML5) versions.

Learn more about the Tin Can API (xAPI or eXperience API)